Game 6 Recap: Aviators at Spiders

July 27, 2021

Game 6 Recap: Aviators at Spiders

Written by: Marcus Lee

After dropping to 2-3 following a loss to the Roughnecks the Spiders hosted the Aviators hoping to even their record once again. After five consecutive holds to begin the game the Spiders managed to capitalize on a throwaway by the Aviators and score a break to go up 4-2. The Aviators though managed to score the next three points to take the lead 5-4. After this both teams made some mistakes but no more breaks occurred and the half ended 7-6. The Spiders were down by one but the game was still up for grabs. 

The Spiders offense struggled to begin the second as they gave up three quick scores and the Aviators quickly took a 10-6 lead three minutes into the 2 second quarter. Needing to score the Spiders threw the disc away the next point but were able to force a red zone stop and Sawyer Thompson was able to find Keenan Lawrence in the endzone to bring the score to 10-7. Laurence had a phenomenal game ending with 3 goals and 2 assists while having 334 receiving yards and multiple big plays to keep the Spiders in the game. The Spiders brought the game to 11-9 and were inches away from making it 11-10 when in the last 30 seconds they were just unable to reel in a throw in the endzone. As a result of this turn the Aviators managed to score with just 2 seconds left on the clock and take a 12-9 lead going into half. 

After a few quick scores the Spiders found themselves down 14-10 in the third but the Spiders were able to get their game going again and scored three consecutive points to bring the game to 14-13 with just under three minutes to go in the quarter. After this though the Aviators were able to convert twice while the Spiders only managed to score once more. 

Entering the 4th the Spiders were down two. As the Spiders pushed to make a comeback Kevin Tien and Jordan Kerr shined. Tien had three blocks in the fourth part, Tien ended with five blocks and a goal. Kerr had two assists in the fourth as he continued his dominant season with 2 goals, 3 assists, a block, and 467 total yards. Despite these performances the Spiders were unable to close the gap and the final score was 20-18

The Spiders drop to 2-4 with this loss placing them at the bottom of the division as the Aviators improve to 3-5. The Spiders now prepare for their road trip as they play five of their last six games this season away before returning home once more when they face Seattle, August 18th at Laney College.