Ultimate Lingo and Language

March 29, 2022

Ultimate Lingo and Language


Backhand: A throw coming across the body the backhand is the most common throw in Ultimate.

Forehand: A throw from the open side of the body the forehand is thrown by flicking the wrist to generate spin, because of this forehands are often referred to as “flicks”

Hammer: The hammer is a throw which is thrown over the head and has the disc fly upside down to the target.

Huck: A huck is a throw that is a long throw intended to quickly get down the field in order to score or get into an advantageous position.

Dump: a short pass often for a loss of yards in order to get the disc in a better position.


Handler: Handlers are the offensive players who primarily throw the disc. Handlers often receive the disc on dump throws.

Cutters: Cutters are offensive players who run and make cuts in order to receive longer passes from handlers.

Mark: The mark is the defensive position which guards the person with the disc.


Force: The force is the direction that the defense wants to make the offense throw in order to make guarding cutters easier

Stall: In the AUDL the offense has 7 seconds to throw the disc before it is a stall and a turnover.

Pull: The pull is a throw thrown by the defense in order to start a point the pull can help give the defense an optimal position from which to defend.


Stack: The stack is a line that offense gets into in order to create more room on the field to cut to, a stack is the most common offensive set.

  • Vertical stack: A vertical or vert stack is a stack in which the offense makes a vertical line, typically with 5 cutters in the middle of the field dividing the field vertically
  • Horizontal stack: A horizontal or ho stack is a stack of 4 cutters in a horizontal line typically 10-15 yards in front of the handlers.
  • Side stack: Side stacks are less common than horizontal and vertical stacks. Side stacks are a vertical stack that is set up on the sideline in order to create a lot of space in the middle of the field.


Callahan: A Callahan is when the defending player catches the disc in the opponent's end zone resulting in a score.

Greatest: A greatest is when a player jumps out of bounds and catches and throws this disc before their feet hit the ground in order to keep the disc in play.

Layout: A layout (aka a bid) is when a player dives horizontally across the ground in order to either catch the disc or defend it.

Sky: A sky is when a player jumps vertically in order to catch the disc over the opposing team.

Universe Point: Although it often does not occur in the AUDL a Universe Point is when the game is tied and the next point wins the game.

Breakside: The breakside is the side of the field opposite of the side the defense is forcing the offense.  

  • Breaking the mark: A break throw or breaking the mark means the offense throws the disc around the defense to the breakside